"This material is the ultimate blessing and gift from the Universe that promises to illuminate and transform our minds into its true potential."
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2012 Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation:
Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity

"This is a book about messages, insight and prophecies - for the shift that’s happening today, throughout 2012, and beyond – they are not of a specific religion but are for the greater of humanity. The messages are directed by your Father and your Mother and we welcome you on this special journey of the heart. It is time to change, to evolve and to bring balance, unity and peace to the earth once again.”…Mother Earth

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This shift is not about the power of religion, but the strength and power that lies in humanity - 2012 Mother Earth


Sixth Prophecy & Prayer: 
Monday, November 21, 2011

For:  Himalayan Mountain Range and all of ManKind

The prayer must begin on November 21, 2011 at precisely 10:00 am (EST).

Click here to read entire prayer & prophecy

Listen to the prayer: If you would like to close your eyes in relaxation for the prayer click on the audio file (total play time: 7min 4 seconds): 

<"6th Prayer">play </a>

Read & watch the prayer on video:  Click the video below.

About the prayers:

The prayers must be said from the heart, knowing, trusting and honoring how special it is to be able to be a part of this change, and to help to alter it. Be thankful knowing that you abide by the words that are spoken, you will personally assist in altering the life of another human being. You will manifest your life’s purpose to this world, and become a hero to yourself, humanity, and your planet, Mother Earth and your Divine Father, God Almighty.


Recent Videos:

Sherinata channels important messages from the Indians of the Middle Earth in Mesa Verde Nat'l Park. In this video the ancient Indians have come through to tell us of the changes we are to encounter and how we will be merging with them and the Ascended Masters after the great shift. A must see!

Sherinata channels important messages from Mother Earth at a sacred vortex dedicated to Mother Earth on the Metaforms property of Gregory Hoag in Lyons, Colorado. The messages speak of the energy that is being released from his sacred jewelry and of the new energy that is being released on the planet regarding the upcoming shifts and changes.



Sherinata channels messages from Metatron on the Summer Solstice, June 2011 about the upcoming shifts and changes for humanity. The channeling takes place on the sacred grounds of Metaforms property of Gregory Hoag in Lyons, Colorado. He is the designer of energetic jewelry that helps to raise and sustain your frequency.

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