"When humanity is in a crisis is the only time they will look for answers."

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About Sherinata

The name Sherinata is more than just a pen name. It was explained to me by Mother Earth that Sherinata is my eternal vibrational name, or soul name.  Since we all have souls, I suppose that everyone must have a ‘soul name’ but the majority of people are clueless, like I was, about it.  My earth name will not appear in the book or, on the website because I did not write this book.  I was merely the ‘receiver’ or ‘channel’ for the information.  And why you might ask, was I chosen?  That’s a good question that I ask also, and they told me that before I incarnated on Earth I made a ‘soul contract’ to bring this ‘book of knowledge and enlightenment’ to humanity. Of course, I have no recollection of any of this, but one thing I have always known, without a doubt, is that life is a mystery.

Professional Background & Experience:

I have been a psychic/intuitive channeler for over 20 years.
I send and receive messages from the other side as well as receive messages
    from personal guides/angels.

I have successfully cleared homes from unwanted guests. These guests from
    the other side fall under various names such as: ghosts, spirits, waywards
    entities, etc. (I am sorry but I can not help you with unwanted guests in this
    physical dimension!

Life Coach specializing in reprogramming and balancing:
    Emotional Needs
    Physical Needs
    Trauma Events
    As well as balancing the frequency of: pain, discomfort, illnesses, diseases or
    dis'eases' within the body.
Chakra Activation Specialist

If you are interested in readings, channelings, intuitive and healing work please e-mail me at: sherinata@2012motherearth.com. Please note that currently I am booked up until August and will be available for appointments in mid-August. At that time I will have rates, payments and availability online.

I will also be introducing webinars later this this year in various topics of:

What's the big hype about frequency?
Blastoff Healing Activation (Instant healings made simple)
Meditation for healing and empowerment
Child Empowerment (ages 5 -12)

I am always available for interviews regarding the book and I encourage you to e-mail me if you are interested in me holding a workshop for your organization.

Believe,Trust and Love,

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