This is a book about messages, insight and prophecies - for the shift that’s happening today, throughout 2012, and beyond – they are not of a specific religion but are for the greater of humanity.
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All material and information written in the book entitled 2012 Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation - Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity, and/or found within this website, unless noted otherwise is channeled and written through Sherinata from the entities identifying themselves as Mother Earth and Max. All predictions, prayers and preparation plans concerning the Ascension Process are based solely on the channeled information.

It was disclosed to Sherinata that these messages are a sacred gift for all humanity and that the purpose of the material is to advise, educate and enlighten the readers. The predictions are only intended to create awareness and offer information to the reader. Sherinata LLC assumes no responsibility or liability for whether the predictions do or do not occur, nor does Sherinata LLC assume any responsibility or liability for any damage that may happen if the predicted events do occur. Sherinata LLC, assumes no liability or responsibility for the content of these channeled messages, this website, the predictions and any damage, or liability that may occur as a result of the information located on this website or within the book titled 2012 Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation - Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity.