"The earth shift is upon you... wake my children and take action" - Mother Earth

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The book, 2012 Prophecies, Prayers and Preparation; Mother Earth’s Plan for Humanity, contains important information and Lessons, and much more than the predicted events and prayers; however the catastrophic prophecies require specific instructions and global participation. Therefore, return to this page for details of the events and pass this information on to your ministers, group leaders, friends and family. We have been told that “large numbers of people, praying from their heart” are required to create a positive Earth shift.

What are Prophecies?

What exactly are prophecies? Most definitions of prophecies tell us that they are divine messages or revelations of coming events that are communicated through a prophet or person. In one sense of the definition, this entire book is a divine message and a prophecy of the Ascension process, but yet it offers so much more by bringing us messages and instructions we can use now to become happier individuals and create harmonious relationships. Hopefully, those will be the divine instructions that a majority of readers will focus on, yet undoubtedly it will be the prophecies that grab the greatest interest since those call for worldwide participation.

Obviously the looming question that must be asked is how can we be 100% sure that they will occur? The answer is twofold. The books messengers explain it this way, “Because there are so many who inhabit the earth, the energy is easily influenced by the negative emotions creating chaos into the energy patterns that are in and surround the earth. The predictions and events are based on human consciousness on a grand scale and if that changes, for the positive, or negative, we promise you it will alter and affect the predicted events.”

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Prayer Plan Instructions

The Prayer Plan for the prophecies and predictions are as follows and times and dates are pertinent. They must not be altered. All words must be spoken in perfect sequence, at the time given, within your place in time, in order to alter, or calm these shifts. Generic and personal prayers will be heard and will help to raise the frequencies of the predicted events and the planet however these specific prayers are directed for the land and people that will be affected and the Divine Realm wants you to use these specific prayers for them.  You can convert the time to your time zone by visiting: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_US-FL.aspx.

For three minutes following each prayer, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity. Pray to the entity most comfortable for your personal beliefs, whether a mantra or a prayer through Jesus Christ, Buddha or another entity. But, be sure the final destination of energy channeled from your prayer is devoted from your heart towards our Divine Father and Mother. If you honor these prayers with your heart and soul your prayers will be heard,

The prayers must be said from the heart, knowing, trusting and honoring how special it is to be able to be a part of this change, and to help to alter it. Be thankful knowing that you abide by the words that are spoken, and you will personally assist in altering the life of another human being. You will manifest your life’s purpose to this world, and become a hero to yourself, humanity, and your planet, Mother Earth and your Divine Father, God Almighty.

Editor’s note: The more people that open their hearts to the Earth through prayer, meditation, silence, etc. the greater the chance to alter the outcome of this event by minimizing it or calming the earth down enough so it won’t happen at all. Remember, the probability of the outcome is altered by human consciousness.

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6th Prayer: November 21, 2011

You can find the prayer in the video below, or follow along while Sherinata recites the prayer in the MP3.

6th Prophecy:

There is a time and a place for all energy to form. Energy is the foundation of all life. Like humans living on Earth, pure energy can be repressed, stirred about, directed and misdirected. The spiritual energy in the Himalayas has repressed the energetic vortexes on the planet and directed them onto a different path. The energy that originally emerged from the Himalayas was a very controlling male energy that helped to guide the planet into production, expansion, leadership and power. On the other hand, it also helped to create chaos because it did not know how to nurture. Its intent was power and control. When this energy worked into the human spirit and ego, it created controlling parallels and attributes to manKind— taking the Kindness out of man.

It has been said that to create balance and appreciate its fruits, one must walk the fine line of dualities. There must be a yin with a yang, good with the bad, a masculine and a feminine. This is why there must be a dedicated prayer for the Himalayas. It is time to collectively direct the small amounts of masculine energy that is left in this mountain range. Currently, a part of the range lies dormant. It is the sleeping energy of the mountains and it has not been forgotten in God’s master plan. As the sleeping beauty is awakened, it must be released with nurturing and kindness to manifest the union that has been brought upon the Earth. With the emergence of a new energy in the Himalayas, you will help to dissipate the power that has caused disruption and will help to guide humanity and the Earth to everlasting triumph.

Through the bravery of those who have resided here and their true dedication of their beliefs in God, love and life, they have lived and breathed the secrets of frequency and manifestation. It is time for all who live on the planet to understand the secrets of the Divine. The secrets of knowledge and of humanity have been held in temples and shrines and were only shared among those who were allowed to enter. It was their promise, until the right time on Earth, to unveil the peaceful and spiritual messages and masterpieces of the Divine. They have been the keepers of this knowledge and now it is time for prayer and acceptance to release and share the true essence of energy and the divine knowledge of everlasting life.

God’s master plan saves a special part of this area to be released to the Earth at this particular time, and through this prayer and dedication, it will show gratitude, acceptance and appreciation for the magnificent leaps that manKind has made as the Earth and its inhabitants approach the great shift.

The prayer must begin November 21, 2011 at precisely 10:00 am (EST).


November 21, 2011: Final Prayer

I thank you, all mighty Father, for the knowledge that we have been given and for the knowledge we will gain. As we become multi-dimensional beings I am honored to receive the powerful yet loving energy that is left to emerge from the Himalayan Mountains. The Master Formula for everlasting life and abundance has been given to the keepers of the mountains and now it is time to release the knowledge to all who are ready to receive.

All knowledge that is released is that of the Divine Energy of God and that is the utmost energy that must be manifested within the hearts of those who are ready to receive the secrets. I am ready to receive because I am worthy of this knowledge.

You have taught me to trust, to love and to be the best that I can as I have listened to your requests, completed your lessons and acted on Your prayers. I thank you for allowing me to be in Your Master Plan through this great shift and to be a part of the new knowledge You release. I send unconditional love to those on this planet who will not be part of this shift.

With gratitude and love – your beloved child, ___________. (state your name). Thank you and Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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Fifth Prophecy: August 21, 2011 for energy emergence in Peru and for manKind

You can find the prayer in the video below, or follow along while Sherinata recites the prayer in the MP3.

On the 21st day of August, a convergence of new energy will be released to benefit all who live in the light on this very special planet called Earth. This new energy will be that of the feminine just as the energy released from the mountains of Chile. However, the difference here... is that this energy will facilitate and direct movement. It will direct the energies that are forthcoming for the movement and it will be ever so powerful. It will be the energy for the “architect of great design”. This energy will guide and swirl all energies to merge and be one with the planet and will permeate through the bodies and light bodies to those who are actively embracing the lessons and opening their hearts to connect to the Divine. Your burdens, resentments, anger and doubts must be released by this time to receive this energetic gift.

If you are a believer in the Mother and Father but still carry the crosses of burden and the double-edged swords of negativity, then you will not be honored in receiving this gift of new and revitalized energy from the Divine. It is important to understand that it is not too late to join in this energetic celebration and union as long as you begin the lessons and mastery of divine love and joy before the great shift is upon the planet. It is a simple equation of the laws of attraction.

You will only be able to receive as much new energy as you have opened up to. It is no different than going to the theater with the intention of watching the performance yet you do not buy an entrance ticket. How can one expect to be a part of the “big change” without the proper education and homework you need to begin changing? Those who are the true believers will be rewarded for your hard work and efforts. The Great Mother will come down and nurture you with Her presence. This will be the union of all unions—the joining of Father, Mother and Child—to become a true family on planet Earth.

The prayer must begin August 20, 2011 at precisely 2:00 pm (EST).


August 20, 2011: Prayer for energy emergence in Peru and for manKind

I give to you my heart, my soul, my body to renew, refresh and enlighten me. I open my soul to you for you to upgrade it with your divine omnipotence to give it a new cellular growth and abundance of healing for myself and others and the pure essence of love and joy.

I ask for the gifts of the new energy emergence to permeate not only my physical body but my light body. Through this I feel security, love and compassion for myself and my planet. I am grateful for being accepted into the Union of the divine Father and great Mother, and I am a blessed child of the Divine Realm.

I know that I have worked hard and earned this new energy and it is welcomed in my body. I am truly grateful for being a part in the great shift. I know that my renewed energy will leave an upgraded blueprint for generations to come, and I am forever grateful for taking part in God’s master plan. Accept my light for I have given it up to you. I am part of a blessed union and, through this, all will be well in my world and on my planet. Thank you and Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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April 21, 2011 for the Middle East

Within two weeks before or after the date of April 22, an outbreak of human despair, possible casualties and sadness is predicted from this area to other parts of the world. The decisions that are based from this area on or around this time frame will be paramount to the freedom and security for all nations who have freedom: Freedom to choose, to live freely, to help others and to nurture humanity. A weak thread lies in the hearts of many who live here and with that weakness comes darkness and the misconceptions of the truth of what God and Love stand for. Pray for the hearts of many, pray for a change and for the gift of insight and knowledge to gain the understanding of truth and love. For in the absence of love and trust, there is hatred and deception. Do not be fooled. The true power of God is love.

This prayer must begin on April 21, 2011 at precisely 10 p.m. EST.

April 21, 2011: Prayer for Middle East

We pray together, in unison for the true love of God to be directed to the hearts of those who are led by deception. We use the strength of this prayer to raise the frequencies of the weak who do not understand love. We pray for direction for those who place judgment upon humanity. With these prayers and intentions, we create the largest gift of heartfelt love to be sent to the areas of weakness. We ask the Divine, the Almighty Father, to bless them with love and give them direction, to give them the chance to repent their actions and to be led down the path of pure enlightenment.

We ask the great Mother to nurture them with Her love and let them know the feeling of true love. We call upon Her to bring Her energy and Her beauty into their lives so they too can be touched by the beauty of Divine Love. Allow them the opportunity to find a place in their hearts for compassion for women and children, and to live in peace among all who walk on this Earth. We ask this of you in the name of all the ascended masters and saints of all religions to stand beside us in numbers to create this great shift of enlightenment for those who live in darkness. Thank you and Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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Results for Middle East

This prophecy and prayer was intended as a prayer for peace from the Middle East for actions that were going to happen. In the prayer it is said: We ask this of you in the name of all the ascended masters and saints of all religions to stand beside us in numbers to create this great shift of enlightenment for those who live in darkness.

We had many people from around the world take part in this prayer and we are thankful for the results for all we know is that Osama Bin Laden was killed and his house raided for all information regarding terrorist attacks and contacts from the past, present and future.

This raid happened quickly and quietly in the night taking him by surprise on May 21, 2011 only 10 days after our prayer for peace in the middle east. We do not know what actions would have and could have happened without this peaceful attack but what we do know is that we feel a sense of peace and gratitude towards this action in hopes to creating a world of more compassion and less fear.


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February 20, 2011 for the Andes Mountain Range in Chile

This prayer will help to release an important energy that lies dormant within the Earth in the area you call the Andes Mountain range. When you pray on this is a very important prayer day, you will not only be praying for events that are to happen in this area, but most importantly you are praying to release life, new energy and new emergence. You will be releasing the female energy of the Mother Earth to embrace the world and help to nurture and bring solidarity to all who are empowered by the Holy Spirit of the Father and Mother. This prayer is to bring balance and wholeness to Earth and to those who are ready for the shifts that are upon Earth. Be prepared, my children, for the light is coming and the emergence of a new and ever divine world is upon you. Many of you have made great leaps spiritually, but yet many of you have still further yet to go. This is your chance to open your hearts and open your mind to the new, positive and everlasting energy as it permeates the Earth and those that inhabit it. Keep your heart open, live in the silence and breathe in deep, peaceful breaths of fresh air as you anticipate the shifts and the welcoming of the great Mother’s emergence. 

This prayer must begin on February 20, 2011 at precisely 10 p.m. EST.

February 20, 2011: Prayer for a new energy from Chile and for the planet

Be there peace within my heart, peace within my body and peace within the Earth. I embrace Mother Earth and the light that She spreads to the entire planet. I know that with the power of God, the Father, heaven lies within my heart when I am in a place of love. I also know that with the power of the Gaia, the great Mother, heaven lies in and on Earth and that all who reside here will live in synchronicity and abundance once we enter into the great shift.

I welcome the energy of the Great Mother to our new dimension and I welcome my body and spirit as well. I follow the light, I am the light and, wherever the light is, I will be there. As moths to a flame, I am but a follower to the peace and light of God and the ever so loving and nurturing Mother. Peace within me, peace around me, and with gratitude and love, I am thankful for this transition. I look forward to the abundance of light and love that surrounds me as I step forward and embrace the new world—the heaven on Earth. Thank you and Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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December 27, 2010 for the Himalayas and Eastward

Within two weeks before or after the date of December 28, 2010, a high probability that the area you refer to as the mountainous range of the Himalayas and the land and countries surrounding the Himalayas and eastward will be greatly affected by the Earth’s changes. There is much peace and beauty in and around the mountains, and there is energy like no other. However, where peace lies, there is always hunger or rage of the predator lurking in the night shadows.

An alter ego of manKind lives in and around these mountains, and it is the alter ego who is of a cruel nature. It thinks and manifests through negative energy and power, looking to grow and spreading out its power like a weed and strangling out the beauty that surrounds it. This is but a weak try at a series of events that have manifested over the years. The weed attempts to spread itself like a cancer and tries to intertwine with the cells of the divine and those of humanity. Eventually this will stop, but there is so much power that it will take something massive within the Earth for people to notice they must change; for when devastation happens, even those with no belief in the almighty turn to God the divine for love, support, compassion, and hope. 

This prayer must begin on December 27, 2010 at precisely 10 p.m. EST.

December 27, 2010: Prayer for the Himalayas and Eastward

It is through great hope and guidance that we will pray to create less fear; but we know and understand that it is time for change, regardless of the outcome, desires, and expectations of humanity.

I ask God Almighty as an individual with all my heart and soul to give pure, unconditional love to establish and redefine balance in the Earth and to those that inhabit it. I let go and let God, and allow my vibratory frequency to accelerate and to spread like angel wings around the magnificent countryside of this entire area for hopes of comfort and renewal.

Now stand up and plant your feet in a small V shape and look up with your arms extended over your head. Clasp your fingers tightly together, thumbs crossed, and index fingers pointing to the heavens. Stand like this, with your eyes closed, envisioning yourself as a great pyramid as pure light streams like a direct sunbeam or beacon of light connecting your eternal energy to the energy of God as it is shared amongst the entire world.

Together we are strong, we are united, we are love, and we send this to all those who inhabit the Earth. We pray together for love, guidance, and a great measure of understanding for all. Through these difficult times ahead, I let go and let God into my heart, mind, and body. I am forever grateful. Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

Results for Himalayas

March 15:

This prediction seems to be on target time wise but off a bit geographically.  I think the trouble in the middle east might have stemmed out of the Al Quaeda operatives in and around the Himalayas (like Bin Laden) but the prediction says it will spread east. (It actually spreads west) This unrest and political turmoil affected most of the Islamic countries to some degree or other, at this point in time just about every Islamic country including Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, have been affected.  The language of the prediction seems to indicate religion which can be a good force being used to cause unrest and as an excuse to be violent.

Below is a blog that is very profound to the prediction:


Posted on Monday, March 14, 2011

Turmoil in the Middle East and Implications for Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process

The political turmoil rocking the Middle East has prompted lots of commentary about trends and developments in individual countries, be it Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, or somewhere else.  I asked my colleague, Robert Danin, CFR’s Eni Enrico Mattei Senior Fellow for Middle East and Africa Studies, to take a step back and give us a big picture look at where things stand in the Arab world—and what it means for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.  He offers up ten smart observations.

1.  While seemingly obvious, it is important to recognize that the popular unrest raging from the Atlantic to the Gulf of Oman is an historic turning point in the Arab world. Don’t underestimate what has been unleashed.  It is an earthquake, along the magnitude of the 1948 war that led to the toppling of many Arab regimes or some of the other major historic turning points in the region. What we are seeing are popular reactions to local circumstances that are then inspiring similar such unrest elsewhere. Arabs are acting locally but thinking regionally.

2.  Arabs are protesting for different things in different places. In Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia, they wanted regime change. In Jordan and Bahrain (so far), they are calling for a change to the regime’s behavior.

3.  Even within the various countries where there is unrest, the protesters are not all calling for the same things. These are ad hoc coalitions of the angry. Some demonstrators want democracy, some want food, some want an end to corruption, and some aren’t quite sure what they are seeking.

4.  Yet what unites them is desire for change, a new sense of dignity, participation in public life, and resentment at the ossified status quo. This is a revolt against a longstanding sense of powerlessness and humilitation.

5.  These are Arabs revolting against Arabs. This is not a traditional Arab revolt against outsiders, be they Ottomans, British, Americans, Persians, or Zionists. This is new, and signifies an effort at Arab self-empowerment.

6.  What these revolts demonstrate is that there is no Arab exception to the universal desire for a better life and certain basic human aspirations. Some Arabs are saying that for the first time in their lives they are proud to be Arabs. They are showing the outside world that Arabs should not be seen as just a group of Islamic fundamentalists and/or terrorists, but as people who share goals that others around the world hold dear.

7.  This is just the beginning of a huge historical development, and we do not know where it will end. This will take years if not decades to sort out. There are counter-revolutionary forces at play that do not ensure that this will all end well. It is going to be hard for even new representative governments to meet the hopes and aspirations that have been stirred up. So when the new regimes still can’t deliver food, it could still get very ugly. Is this Russia 1917, Europe 1848, Iran 1979? No one is sure of the correct historical analogy.

8.  One thing that the revolutions demonstrate, however, is that the Arab-Israeli conflict is not the single central fault line dividing the Middle East. The conflict has its intrinsic importance and significance to be sure, and resolving it remains very important. But solving the Arab-Israeli conflict will clearly not solve all of the region’s ills. This has policy implications, given how numerous U.S. administrations have defined peacemaking as their central Middle East objective.

9.  In the short term, the popular unrest and revolutions are going to push Israelis and Palestinians further apart from one another. Israelis are in hunker down mode waiting to see how it all plays out.  Peace with Egypt has been a central pillar in their national security doctrine. They are anxious to see if it will endure. Meanwhile, the Palestinians have just lost an elder brother, Hosni Mubarak, who had been their major patron in the pursuit of peace with Israel. The Palestinian inclination now is to consolidate power and try to reestablish domestic legitimacy. That is not going to come through the peace process. They see it coming through reconciliation attempts with Hamas, new elections, and a focus on domestic politics.

10.  Yet all is not lost in quest for Arab-Israeli peace. In the medium term, should more representative governments in the Arab world emerge, they are going to have to deliver a better life for their people. They cannot hide between broken and delegitimized ideologies. They are also are not going to have to live in fear of their own people as so many current dictators must. This fear has been paralyzing. This means that there will be real politics and greater opportunities to lead public opinion and not just react to it. Already, we may be seeing Arabs having to take action for the first time–witness unprecedented call by the GCC and the Arab League for a no fly zone in Libya. It is too soon to tell if this is a true indicator. But Arab leaders are not going to be able to just sit back and do nothing. And if a self-interested peace that could actually benefit their people is on the table, it MAY make regional conciliation more possible.  And Egyptians tell me that while the generation of the revolution do take a tougher line towards Israel, what they seek is a just peace and end to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinians, not an end to Israel. All this assumes that the unrest leads to more open and representative governments. We can’t assume that this will be the case. But we should also be open to new possibilities that develop in the new Arab order and seize upon them should they emerge.

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December 21, 2010 for the land south of Asia and the Indonesia Islands

It is time to pray for the waters and the land from the Gulf of Thailand south to the Islands of Indonesia. There is a strong probability of damaging natural events somewhere within this area of the time period two weeks before or after the date of December 22, 2010. It will be a time of great sadness for the people of the land, for they are good people. They believe in their land and honor their land; however, a sadness lies within the land, and that comes from the hearts of those who live there.

This will be a time of renewal and a rebirthing of the land. It will be a time to redesign the land in which the people live and plan a new future. The rebirthing will honor the land with the gifts of life, renewed spirit, and the essence of love. We will pray for the souls of the land—that will be affected so they can endure the coming events with ease. It is with love and gratitude that we have been given the opportunity to pray for these blessed souls.

This prayer must begin on December 21, 2010 at precisely 11 a.m. EST.

December 21, 2010: Prayer for the land south of Asia and the Indonesia Islands

Mother, Father, Creator of all that is: we put our hearts out to you so you can send our unconditional love to the families of the present day and to the ancestors and souls that have inhabited the land from the Gulf of Thailand south to the islands of Indonesia. This is a very delicate place on Earth, and we bless it and cover it with love and gratitude so humanity can prevail after the pain has worn off . We send unconditional love to the Earth, for we love it so.

We take all the loving energy that is stored within us and send it to the areas that may be affected by upcoming environmental disasters so it can soften and curb the affects of any horrific destruction on the land and sea. We have the faith and trust to let go and let God—He will honor our wishes as we spread our love for the Earth and humanity. We redirect all of our loving energy to the specific areas of weakness within the waters of our loving planet. With abundant love in our hearts, we give ourselves up to you and honor all that you are and all that we are, for we are part of creation; therefore, we are part of God. Our love is twofold, and with it, we create our actions to be forever tied together in the memory of all who inhabit this Earth and the Earth itself so it can embrace the love that it has yearned for over the years. We are forever grateful, Mother Earth, for your existence, and we love you. Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

Results for Land S. of Asia & the Indonesia Islands Prophecy

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October 13, 2010 for the Gulf of Mexico

Within two weeks before or after October 14, 2010, there is the probability of a destructive natural event striking the land in the region around either the Gulf of Mexico of the Gulf of Panama. Bring to this land a new light of reorganization and peace to those who inhabit this affected area.

This prayer must begin on October 13, 2010 at precisely 11 a.m. EST.

October 13, 2010: Prayer for the Gulf of Mexico

Father, Mother, Creator of all that is: listen to our hearts cry out for the sake of humanity and for peace to spare any land that is to be affected by any natural events that are upon this area.

We pray for the people who may lose their homes and have their most precious and beautiful land destroyed by any damaging natural events. We bare our hearts to you to trust in us that we will do all we can to bring humanity and the Earth together as one. Together we will raise our frequency for world peace.

Spare us in these disasters. In exchange, we offer you peace in our hearts, trust, and faith in your power of love for us as your children. We are blessed to know you and have a loving relationship with you. We send our heartfelt blessings to our divine Mother and Father as we pray for everlasting peace for any of these events and for the world.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

Results for the Gulf of Mexico Prophecy

Hurricane Richard

Richard, seen was headed toward Belize and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, was the 17th named storm of the busy 2010 Atlantic hurricane season.

According to Kristina Pydynowski, Senior Meteorologist her article posted on AccuWeather.com stated that Richard's forecast track and the historical path of Hurricane Wilma from 2005, had eerie similarities. That is not to say that Richard wouldn't challenge Wilma's pressure record, but Richard was expected to strengthen into a hurricane prior to slamming into northern Belize or Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. She stressed that Tropical Storm Richard was not expected to be an exact carbon copy of Hurricane Wilma, but Richard would still pose a serious danger to lives and property wherever it came onshore.

For more on the above article go to http://www.accuweather.com

Tropical Storm Richard formed over the Caribbean Sea on October 21 and was upgraded to a Hurricane status hitting Belize on October 25.

The Belize government announced on October 26 that an estimated damage of U.S. $18. million from hurricane Richard – not counting the disruption to business and the productive sector due to the collapse of the electrical grid, which also led to no water being available as the government owned water company does not have backup generators to power its pumping stations. Prime Minister Barrow vowed to make all efforts to find the money to rebuild the damage done by the hurricane.

Click on the link below for full details on this article:
Belize Rebuilds After Hurricane Richard

Global Prayers Activated on or around this date:

A global Reiki prayer chain was activated on October 13, 2010

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September 10, 2010 for Western Caribbean

There is a high probability that the islands of the western Caribbean are predicted to experience destructive natural events within two weeks before or after the time period of September 12, 2010. The islands in the Caribbean Sea and South America must embrace the prayer to diminish the power of what is to come. There will be much anxiety and fear for the safety conditions and living conditions on these islands.

This prayer must begin on September 10, 2010 at precisely 10 p.m. EST.

September 10, 2010: Prayer for the Western Caribbean

Holy Father and divine Mother of our Earth, it is from our hearts we ask you to protect the Caribbean Islands and the people who inhabit them. We ask you to bring compassion for the poor and the homeless and to reach out and give unconditional love to the governments that control these beautiful islands.

We pray with all our hearts for all the islands and shorelines that may be affected in the Western Caribbean. We pray to weaken the events and we pray for the people and animals who inhabit these areas.

We pray to our Mother Earth with gratitude, for we truly love our Earth, and we are forever grateful for the blessings and fruits that she has bestowed upon us. We call upon our Divine Mother to rectify, nourish, and replenish the islands and to create a more harmonious environment of balance and love.

We pray to God, our heavenly Father, to have compassion amongst these people who suffer, and we pray for you to guide them to a positive and restorative state of balance. We call upon you to guide the people of the Caribbean Islands, especially Haiti, to a better life—one that is whole, spiritual, self-loving, and self-sufficient.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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Results for the Western Caribbean Prophecy

There were three very powerful hurricanes that swirled around the Atlantic after our prediction on September 10, 2010. http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/weather-hurricane-storm/2010/09/16/another-tropical-oddity-three-hurricanes-at-once/

Global Prayers Activated on or around this date:

Most importantly we would like to remind you that there were many prayers and unified energy from September 9 - Sept. 20. We truly believe in the divine connection between prayer and the earth which ultimately helped to alleviate possible devastation to the Western Caribbean as predicted. Ohm - Shanti...thank you to all those that participated in the great shifts of energy! Here are the events as followed:


July 20, 2010 for China

Within two weeks before or after July 21, 2010 there is a probability of several intense earthquakes that are predicted to affect a large region in China. Through prayer and heart felt intentions, we can help to raise the vibration of this ancient and powerful land. The energy that lies in the Earth is sad, and willing to embrace change. Let there be peace where there is sadness and bring change in the government. Bring strength and honor to the people as they accept help from other nations. There is much need for love in their government and we are to pray for compassion to rise in this government. They must remember their ancestors and what they were born from, and as they go through everyday life they must remember their soul reason for existence. It is time for the political powers to rethink and restore harmony to the people of China and love for humanity worldwide. It is time to respect all life.

This prayer must begin on July 20, 2010 at precisely 10 p.m. EST.

July 20, 2010: Prayer for China

With great wishes and tidings we pray from our hearts to the Divine Father and our most precious Mother who guides our Earth to help to control the magnitude of this anticipated earthquake. And, to give consolation to the people that inhabit this beautiful land.

We pray for peace to rest in the mountains and fields, and to preserve the country of China in the best and highest way possible. We trust that you will answer our prayers and help us to raise the frequency of our magnificent Earth, as we continue on our journey through this ever precious time.

We give thanks to you for listening to our prayers for peace and help; to align China in the best and highest way possible and help them persevere through these troubled times. We pray to you from our hearts and now send to Mother Earth and our planet all of our love and respect. We love you and in the name of the Holy Father, we are powerful in spirit as we pray together, Amen.

For the next 3 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity.

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Results for China Prophecy

On July 17, 2010 Typhoon Conson skirted Hainan last week, killing two people, before heading into Vietnam. 4 days later on July 21, Typhoon Chanthu brought 75 mile per hour winds to Guongdong and lots of rain to parts of China threatening to aggravate floods that have already left more than 1,000 people dead or missing. Nearly 500 people have died or disappeared in July alone, as the flooding plagues 75% of the vast country. Sadly, from the onset of the gross amount of rain and flooding the barren mountainsides and caused by poor planning from the government over the years have started landslides and mudslides in many areas throughout China. The mudslides are killing many all around China up until this posting on September 1. However, the worst of the slides happened on August 8 in Zhouqu, Gansu, only 12 days after the prayer date. It happened in the middle of the night so no one was prepared to evacuate. The death toll numbers we could find were 1,270 and 474 missing as of August 16, 2010.

Sadly, the book has not come out yet and our prayer notifications are only from word of mouth so the vibration sent to Mother Earth was not very high and there were no other world prayers from other organizations set in motion around the July 21 prayer date.  Our intention would be to raise enough awareness on specific prayer dates so there would be no news at all and the event would never occur for it is up to us as human consciousness to tap into this divine, omnipotent energy that God has given to us and to become one with the Creator and Mother Earth. They need to hear our prayers so we can elevate our own frequencies as well as that of the Earth.

China flood information gathered from the following articles:




A cataclysmic Earthquake will strike a very large area along the coast of California in the United States. You must pray for the people who live there as well as the animals that will be taken. Pray for peace. Pray that the Earthquake will be minimal, and that we can alter the effects of the disaster. Warn those you know who live there, for there will be much devastation since the prayers will not yet be activated. Trust in yourself and tell everyone you know for there will be many who will perish.

The laws of the Universe are upon the Earth and we must listen. Regretfully there will be changes, and these changes must happen until humanity awakens and realizes they must think differently, act differently, and respond differently. Above all love, you must love differently and that is to love without conditions.

The Prayer for Peace and the welfare of California must begin at the precisely on June 25 at 12:00 pm Pacific Time, according to the world atomic clock. Time converter: http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_US-CA.aspx

Prayer on June 25th

Step 1: Pray with others around the world.

We pray to God, the Father Almighty, in solidarity for the Earth: To calm her waters and to calm the Earth’s tremors on the west coast in California. We truly love our Mother Earth with all our heart and we call to Her to weaken the disaster that is upon us.

We pray for peace, for the unity of California, for those who survive, and those who perish. We put out our heartfelt love for our planet to calm itself, to resist devastation, and to allow the water and the Earth to calm itself naturally with Her graces.

We cry out in desperation, and are honored to give up the love in our hearts and dedicate all of our energy to the love that is embraced in our Divine Father and our Mother Earth. We are grateful for the energy you give to us, and we share our frequency of love with the entire west coast of California.

Step 2: Pray on your own.

For the next 2 minutes, pray on your own to invoke peace for the Earth and humanity. Pray to the entity most comfortable for your personal beliefs, whether a mantra or a prayer through Jesus Christ, Buddha or another entity. Be sure the energy channeled from your prayer is devoted from your heart towards our Divine Father. Your prayers will be heard, if you honor these prayers with your heart and soul.

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Results for California Prophecy

Between June 25th and July 1st there were 25 tremors of 2.5 or greater magnitude within the southern California area. Included in this count were a 3.8 tremor just 82 miles from the LA civic center and a 3.3 tremor in the area of the San Francisco Zoo. Coinciding with the dates of these earthshaking tremors, around the world there were estimated to be tens of thousands of people gathering together in timed prayer events on June 25th, 26th and 27th. Although there may have been other organized events, as well as ours, we have information about three other world-wide heart based, and peace initiated gatherings:

1.      The ‘Experience of Oneness’ invocation on June 26 organized by Children Of The Sun.org, focused on the ‘cosmic heart of Mother Father God’ bringing through …“ the healing matrix of light….in and around this earth plane” with the participation of close to twenty five thousand people on June 25 and 26.

2.      The organization calling itself HandsAcrosstheSand.com claims to have brought together over 20,000 people on Florida beaches alone. As of the writing of this book, the number of people who participated worldwide was not known yet. Their intention on June 26 was for a “peaceful gathering of people… to draw human lines in the sand…to promote the adoption of clean, renewable energy sources”.

3.      On June 27 the HumanSummitProject.com called for a 1-hour simultaneous Global Meditation from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. GMT to focus on “Reclaiming the value of human existence…expect the silence of tens of thousands of people around the world to participate”

Although the probability of a cataclysmic earthquake in Southern California was extremely high based on the accuracy of the pre-predictions, the inference here is that the actual results were altered by the high frequency, peaceful energy directed to the earth worldwide.

French mathematician, scientist and philosopher Rene Descartes summed up this equation on probabilities by saying, “It is a truth very certain that when it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to follow what is most probable.” Following this line of thought, astrophysicist/nuclear scientist Elizabeth Rauscher and the Heart Math organization are building an elaborate system of tracking stations around the world to gather data on how fluctuations and resonances in the earth and ionosphere’s magnetic fields are affected by or influenced by human heart-rhythm patterns, brain activity, stress and emotions. Called the Global Coherence Monitoring System (GCMS) this unique project envisions long-lasting implications for the health and well-being of our planet. According to their website, “Researchers will examine this data to determine whether the magnetic fields can be influenced by the collective human emotional resonance following major events…” It stands to reason that if the magnetic fields can be influenced by collective human emotional resonance after an event they would also be influenced before an event. (www.heartmath.com)

Based on the evidence, we believe that the cataclysmic earthquake predicted for California was reduced to a 3.1+ tremor as a result of the thousands of peaceful prayers directed at the earth around the time of the prophecy, and for this we are very thankful. Our mission in publishing these predictions and putting them on-line will be accomplished when and only when all of these predicted disasters are reduced to non-news making events. But we cannot do this without large scale, heart felt participation in peaceful, prayer-filled gatherings. Please gather your friends, family and organizations to join in this compassionate plan to minimize all the prophesied coming events and save ourselves and our beautiful earth.

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